Because climate change is a global problem, our NPO has been expanding its efforts around South Africa and now anticipates venturing into Africa. We are working with top government officials and local partners to accelerate the transition of African economies through, renewable energy projects and creating a blueprint for other energy poor economies. In sub-Saharan Africa, we’re partnering with forward-thinking governments to improve electricity access for people who are underserved or have no access to electricity, and shifting the paradigm away from centralized, fossil-fuelled national grids.


We tackle the toughest energy challenges to create a clean, prosperous, and secure energy economy for all. Together, we offer a unique combination of skills in energy resource planning, project development, construction implementation, and business services, and we have relationships with leading engineering firms in the power-generation and transportation sectors. Our experience and expertise allow us to act as a trusted advisor to countries and communities as they begin their journey to a clean energy future.

Infrastructure Development

Africa’s infrastructure gaps are an investment opportunity waiting to happen.  There is increasing recognition by many African governments that investment in infrastructure acts as a catalyst not only for intra-regional trade and industrialisation, but also underpins long-term, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.   Our NPO actively explores developing infrastructure projects that have the ability to impact the livelihoods of people through job creation, skills development, improved infrastructure, to name a few aspects.


Developing the Made in Africa opportunity – We promote innovation, cultivate new markets and new opportunities for manufacturers to grow and expand in Africa.


Capacity building is critical to delivering sustainable development in Africa. We believe in empowering Africans with skills development, access to new markets and the potential to develop innovative products that have the potential to impact lives.