The Africa Youth Energy Innovator Programme

Africa needs to invest in and grow its next generations of energy leaders if its countries and the broader continent are to compete in the global arena. Future Africa and the Africa Energy Indaba are committed to empowering talented young Africans by allowing them to be seen by the industry experts and energy decision makers. Our aim is to encourage empowerment and help find solutions to energy problems in Africa. We want to foster inspirational and innovative thinking, starting with the talented youth in Africa.

Annually, we present the African Youth Energy Innovator Showcase at the Africa Energy Indaba. The contest is open to 18 to 35 year old individuals from across Africa; and the submitted innovations should address the key areas of energy security, environmental sustainability, energy equity and
job creation.

The innovation has to address these key areas:

  • Energy Security: The innovation need to help with effective management of energy supply, reliability of energy infrastructure, or meet a specific set of current and future demands
  • Environmental Sustainability: The innovation should provide clean renewable or low carbon supply energy
  • Energy Equity: The innovation should improve accessibility and affordability of energy in Africa
  • Job creation: The innovation should create jobs
  • Target customers: The innovation can benefit various value chain in the community: For example Utilities / Rural communities / Corporates
  • Customer value: The innovation should bring real benefits to the customer
  • The unique value proposition: The product or service should have a unique value proposition to differentiate and position the innovator.